Here is a sampling of the work we’ve done for our clients.

Briggs & Riley

Product Video

Being a luxury brand, Briggs & Riley wanted only the best quality video to represent their products. The videos that we created for their Kinzie Street line of bags were designed to give viewers a detailed tour of each product, showing the high quality materials, craftsmanship, and unique features – all while maintaining an elegance that would not have been possible outside of the studio setting. The use of dynamic movement takes viewers to every vantage point, giving viewers a sense of what it would be like to hold and use the bag.

Yummy Buddy Bowl

Product Video
When making a video for a children’s product, we need to appeal to the decision maker first, the parents, but we also always appeal to the child.  We want the kids that might see the video to be excited and interested about the product, too. That’s how we ended up with our video for Darlyng and Co., the makers of Yummy Buddy.  It has enough information to satisfy the parents’ need for knowledge, it has plenty of fun visuals and light touches to appeal to the child, and it utilizes animation and repetition in a way that is popular for online product videos right now. Oh, and there’s cute kids. Cute kids always help

Intermix Holiday Social Campaign

Product Video

This high end fashion brand needed a way to stand out on social media during the holiday season. We landed on this cost effective video series, featuring the season’s clothing with a little bit of celebratory holiday flare. In a single shoot day, we were able to create over 20 social media videos, making this an affordable solution for the brand.

Liladua Baby Bottles

Product Video

This company came to us with the need to demonstrate how their baby bottles are better than their competitors. The unique color changing feature is hard to show in still images. We decided on a very clean and simple style for the video, focusing all the attention on the product itself. Online shoppers have more than enough options for any given product, so the visuals you’re using to make yours stand out better be effective.  What’s the most important thing when representing your product online? Make the audience feel like they are holding it in their hands.

Aloha Recipe Campaign

Product Video

Aloha is a health supplement brand that uses the most pure ingredients and sustainable practices to delivery the highest quality product possible. While their audience was sold on their quality, the brand wanted to spark some ideas on new ways to use their products.  This social media campaign demonstrates some delicious ways that their products can be used in healthy but decadent recipes. We decided on a rustic tabletop and a sun flare style that elicits a cheerful morning vibe.

Glade Goggles

Product Video

This company needed a high quality video that showed their off the superior design of their new goggles. With interchangeable straps and colored glass, these goggles were designed to not only be practical-wear for the ultimate winter athlete, but to add a level of customization never seen before in the goggle industry.